What Others Say

Janet Ingmire, Administrative Coordinator
Newton Christian Church
Newton, Kansas

Living Stones' consulting moved us past our routines into new avenues of ministry building upon our strengths and tackling our weaknesses with challenges to our status quo. Removing simple barriers to our growth caused immediate changes to happen with an increased vision for our God given potential. We’ve been blessed!

Doug Ingmire, pastor
Newton Christian Church
Newton, Kansas

Living Stones is awesome! They did a great job! Would recommend their consulting to everyone!

Bridge Team
Leominster Assembly of God
Leominster, Massachusetts

Originally, our church consulted with Living Stones Associates to help us with a church expansion project. We were provided a comprehensive evaluation to assist in revealing the needs for our facility and also our overall church well-being and spiritual health. The results were quite revealing. We appreciate that they came along side with prayer, a plan and strategies that have helped us through a very challenging year. They will have a lasting influence on our church. It’s exciting to see the seeds of healing and unity taking root. We are sure that God has a great future for Leominster Assembly of God and we are grateful!

Pastor Tom Duncan
Lake Shore Presbyterian Church
St. Clair Shores, Michigan

About one year ago the staff and elders rated our unity at about a four out of ten, ten being the high. Today, staff and elders rate our unity at 8 or 9. What joy in just 1 ½ years.

Attendance: Where we were averaging 265-285 before the changes, we hardly ever go under 300, even on low Sundays. Most weeks we are at 350-375 range. And many weeks we near or exceed 400.

Thanks for all you did to help make our dreams a reality. We could not have done it without your help. Much of the self-study has been the basis for everything we do. It keeps us focused and on target. It is nice when an elder says, "This is in line with our self-study."

Excerpts from an email received 18 months after the Living Stones site visit.

Pastor Tom Lundeen
Riverside Church
(Christian and Missionary Alliance)
Monticello, Minnesota

This summer, the church saw continued growth from last summer both numerically and financially, and it appears our growth rate has sped up again a bit.

Needless to say, we would not be where we are now had we not gone through the consultation with Living Stones. I feel I have a much clearer picture of where God is taking us as a church and what steps need to happen for our church to develop the vision we’ve been entrusted with at Riverside. This process allowed me as a newer lead pastor to get all of my leadership teams on the same page and moving in a healthy and forward direction.

Church Health Advisory Team (CHAT)
Merilyn White, chair
Stephanie Wall Brown, pastor
St. Paul’s United Methodist Church
Wichita, Kansas

What an experience this past year has been! Truly, "When the pupil is ready, the teacher appears." You are a wonderful inspiring teacher and we thank God for sending you to St. Paul's. The leadership and counseling you gave us has given us hope and direction to chart a New Direction for St. Paul's.

Karen Bulluck, Elder
Clinton Presbyterian Church
Clinton, New Jersey

I have had the unique opportunity during the decision making and implementation process at our church of contrasting our actions with those of my mother's church. She attends a much larger Presbyterian Church than I do, and they have many more people and worship services. They have a lovely, large facility on plenty of land. However, they decided that they needed to expand their facility, without (to my knowledge) exploring options such as we reviewed in using the facility better. Now, I can see the difference between the excitement and enthusiasm at our church (despite the growing pains) and my mother's complaints that she hates to go to church any more because all they do is ask for money for building. While our church is working on the details of our changes, we are more focused on the spiritual growth and the opportunities to share God's Word and love rather than just money. And of course, our giving income has grown accordingly!

I know that your visit/services have certainly had a huge impact on our church, and we are having a great time (well, most of us) making and guiding the changes. It's especially wonderful to see the Spirit at work in everything we're doing.

From an email received 7 months after Living Stones began working with the church.

Pastor Jake Ritzema
German Valley Christian Reformed Church
German Valley, Illinois

We really appreciate the comprehensive nature of your consultation. With its global perspective it allowed us to move from a fixation on building needs to the overall health of our entire ministry.

As a transitioning church we found that not only did Living Stones provide us with insights regarding the various barriers to our ministry, along with accompanying strategies to address those barriers, but they shared their love for the church and for the Lord as well. It is their witness along with their counsel that touched us.