A Few of Our Favorite Sites

Natural Church Development International


Natural Church Development is a powerful process for assessing a local church's health strengths and weaknesses and then developing and implementing action steps to strengthen the health of the church. Living Stones uses this process as an integral part of every major consultation.

ChurchSmart Resources


ChurchSmart is the U.S. publisher for the Natural Church Development resources we use in our consultations.  They have many good books and tapes for church leaders, and they conduct a number of training events.

KLW Enterprises


Ken Williams has developed a biblical stewardship education program for congregations that is so low-key that most in the congregation may not even know there is a program. It involves newsletter articles, financial principles printed in your bulletin, conribution thank you letters that teach stewardship principles, testimonies, and more. Cost is modest, based on congregation size.

Easum, Bandy, and Associates


Bill Easum (author of Sacred Cows Make Gourmet Burgers, Growing Spiritual Redwoods, etc.) and Tom Bandy (author of Kicking Habits: Welcome Relief for Addicted Churches, Moving Off the Map, etc.) are two of our favorite authors and church consultants.

Leadership Journal


As you probably are well aware, Leadership Journal is the leading journal for pastors in North America.  We have a warm place in our hearts for Leadership Journal.  In  the Fall of 1987, they published the first Ray Bowman/Eddy Hall article, "When Not to Build" which eventually led to the publication of our book by the same title.  They have published a number of our articles since then as well.  In the Fall of 1998, they published David Berube's "Staying Focused During a Building Campaign" which alerted us that David was out there and led to his joining Living Stones Associates.  If it weren't for Leadership Journal, chances are Living Stones Associates wouldn't be here.  We continue to write for Leadership.  We've also had several articles published over the years in their sister publication Your Church.

Portable Church Industries


Explosive growth has people hanging out the windows on Sunday morning, but there's no way you can build without mortgaging the church's future.  What can you do?  More and more churches are becoming portable, meeting in once-a-week space such as schools and theaters.  The drawback?  Set-up and tear-down time.  Through the customized storage systems they create, along with set-up sequences and training of your workers, Portable Church Industries can cut set-up and tear-down time to a small fraction of what it would be otherwise so that being a portable church is not burdensome.  Though Portable Church Industries recommends this as a transitional strategy--for four to eight years while a church is saving to build--some congregations are opting for portable church as a long-term solution, with no plans to build.

Book Reviews...

Our senior consultant Eddy Hall has written a number of book reviews for Amazon.com, mostly on books of interest to pastors and church leaders, including several that are featured in our Recommended Resources section. Follow this link to check out these reviews.