Integrated Planning Track

"Of all the churches that have called me because they thought they needed to build, I estimate that 9 out of 10 had a better, less costly alternative."

--Ray Bowman, founder of Living Stones Associates, retired church architect and consultant, coauthor of WHEN NOT TO BUILD: An Architect's Unconventional Wisdom for the Growing Church

When Not to Build

1. Integrated Planning Consultation

This is our most comprehensive and most popular consulting package. If developing a facility plan is one goal of your consultation, or if you want to do a comprehensive assessment of your ministries, staffing, facilities, and finances, this is the consultation for your church. We study all four of these aspects of church life to identify barriers to healthy growth and develop an integrated plan for removing those barriers. It includes all the elements of the Church Health Consultation plus a more thorough financial analysis and the development of a facility plan to accommodate growth to double your present size.

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For the church that is exploring a relationship with Living Stones but is not yet ready to commit to the Integrated Planning Consultation, we offer the...

2. Introductory Consultation

This is a one-day consultation whose primary purpose is to give your staff and your leadership team a chance to get acquainted with Living Stones and get a sense of the general shape of the recommendations that would grow out of an Integrated Planning Consultation. This consultation is recommended for churches that have a strong interest in a major consultation, but where the leadership team needs an opportunity to interact with a consultant to determine whether to make the investment in a major consultation.

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If none of our packages seems quite right for you, but you feel like Living Stones has the expertise you're needing in your church, we may be able to arrange a...

3. Custom Consultation

Tell us what you want your consultation process to accomplish, and, if it's consistent with our ministry philosophy and we agree that what you're proposing is appropriate for your church's situation, we'll be happy to tailor a consultation process to your specific needs.

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