Articles & Book Reviews

The following articles and book reviews by our consultants are available for equipping leaders and strategic planning within your local church.  They are copyrighted and may not be reproduced for any other purpose without permission of the author.  All articles are available in PDF form.

Facilities Articles

"When Not to Build" by Ray Bowman with Eddy Hall

"Staying Focused During a Building Campaign" by David Berube (Fall 1998 Leadership Journal)

"Teaching Old Church Buildings New Tricks" by Eddy Hall

"Three Things Church Buildings Can Never Do" by Ray Bowman with Eddy Hall

"Can Your Church Build Debt-Free?" by Ray Bowman with Eddy Hall

Empowering for Ministry Articles

"Why Knowing Spiritual Gifts Isn't Enough" by Eddy Hall

"More Slots Than Workers?" by Eddy Hall (Fall 1999 Leadership Journal)

"The More We Teach Together" by Eddy Hall

"The Myth of Secular Work" by Eddy Hall and Gary Morsch

"The Danger of Playing It Safe" by Eddy Hall and Gary Morsch

"Why Your Church Needs Conflict" by Eddy Hall

"Down With Volunteers!" by Lavern R. Holdeman

Spiritual Health Articles

"Brokenness: Doorway to Spiritual Power" by Eddy Hall

"The Bible and the Painting That Came to Life" by Eddy Hall

Discipling Children and Youth Articles

"The More We Teach Together" by Eddy Hall

Discipling Young Adults Articles

"Motivations for Young Adult Ministry" by David G. Berube

"What About Young Adults?" by David G. Berube

"Primary Engagements" by David G. Berube

Outreach Articles

"If Sinners Were His Friends, Who Were His Enemies?" by Eddy Hall

"Do the Poor Feel Welcome in Your Church?" by Eddy Hall

Book Reviews

A Work of Heart
by Reggie McNeal
(Jossey-Bass 2000)
reviewed by Eddy Hall

Natural Church Development
by Christian A. Schwarz
(ChurchSmart Resources 1996)
reviewed by Eddy Hall

TRANSFORMING DISCIPLESHIP: Making Disciples a Few at a Time
by Greg Ogden
(InterVarsity Press 2003)
reviewed by Gary Diehl

WHEN NOT TO BUILD: An Architect's Unconventional Wisdom for the Growing Church
by Ray Bowman and Eddy Hall

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